How to build your own smoker

Making your own smoker is easy and a great way to add flavour to meat or fish. 

How to make your own smoker for meat and fish

Our ancestors would have smoked meat and fish to ensure a source of protein over winter. Today, smoking adds lovely flavour to meat, cheese and fish. Here’s how to make your own smoker.


You Will Need

  • Wire mesh or a wire rack
  • Pliers
  • A screwdriver
  • A sweet/biscuit tin, like a quality street tin
  • Wood chips (oak, apple or beech, not pine)
  • A barbeque

Step 1

Make two small holes in the lid of the tin with the screwdriver.

Step 2

Place a layer of woodchips on the base of the tin.

Step 3

Using the pliers, fashion the mesh into a rack to fit in the tin.

Step 4

Put the food on the rack. Sausages (evenly spaced) or a salmon steak (sprinkled with salt) are a good choice.

Step 5

Wait until the barbecue’s coals are white hot, then place your smoker on top. Once you see wisps of smoke emerge from the holes in the tin lid, give the smoker about 10-20 minutes for sausages and 20 minutes for a salmon steak before taking off the heat.

Step 6

Check the food is cooked through, if not, return to the heat for another five minutes. Enjoy. 

Meat and fish smoker
Our homemade meat and fish smoker – it also works to add flavour to cheese!