How to make a pond-dipping net

Discover an underwater world of insects, fish and strange-looking amphibians with our simple guide to making a homemade pond fishing net.

Pond dipping class

There is something rather satisfying about dipping a net into the water and seeing what you can find, especially if it’s homemade. Our five-step guide will leave you with your very own pond-dipping net, the perfect impetus for a trip outdoors, no matter what the season.


You Will Need

  • pair of tights
  • wire coat hanger
  • duct tape
  • bamboo cane
  • needle
  • strong thread

Step 1

Remove two thirds of the legs from the tights with the scissors. Tie the remaining leg material together to create a net.

Step 2

Reshape the coat hanger to make a square wire frame. Straighten the hook –this will be the handle.

Step 3

Stretch the elastic waist of the tights over the square coat hanger frame to create the dipping end of the net.

Step 4

You will need to secure the tights to the frame. Wrap the material around the wire and carefully stitch it to itself.

Step 5

Push the straightened hook into the bamboo cane and strengthen it with duct tape. You’re now ready to take a dip.