How to make a simple irrigation system

Keep your garden watered and healthy in the height of summer with this easy-to-make irrigation system

Irrigation system how to

This easy-to-make water-bottle irrigation system will help you grow healthy, happy plants this summer, and it’s great for the environment too.


You Will Need

  • Plastic bottle (1-2 litre), cleaned
  • Serrated knife or scissors
  • A hammer and nail
  • Garden wire
  • Trowel, for digging

Step 1

Irrigation system how to - step 1

Carefully make three evenly-spaced holes in the cap of your plastic bottle using a hammer and nail. To create a slower flow, use a smaller nail or make fewer holes. Place the cap back on the bottle.

Step 2

Irrigation system how to - step 2

Using a serrated knife or scissors, make a straight cut near the bottom of the bottle, leaving 3–5cm of plastic attached to form a hinge. This lid will stop slugs and other critters from falling into the water.

Step 3

Irrigation system how to - step 3

Make a small hole in the front end of the hinged lid and one just below it on the main section of the bottle. Thread a piece of garden wire through the holes, pulling tight to lock the lid.

Step 4

Irrigation system how to - step 4

Dig a hole in the ground 5–10cm away from the plant you want to water, taking care not to damage any roots. The hole needs to be deep enough to accommodate most of the bottle. 

Step 5

Irrigation system how to - step 5

Turn the bottle upside down and place it in the hole, filling in the excess space around it with soil. Top the bottle up with water, fasten the lid with the wire and see your plants flourish.


Illustrations by Enya Todd