Make a cooking tripod

Put your bushcraft skills to the test and stay warm with a campfire project

How to make a cooking campfire tripod ©Enya Todd

On your next camping trip in the countryside, why not try making a cooking tripod to sit over your campfire? It’s a great chance to test your bushcraft skills and will offer the opportunity for a well-earned hot dinner at the end of a day outdoors.

You will need

  • Branches from the garden or wood
  • Handsaw/pruning saw
  • Strong garden twine

Total time:

Step 1

How to make a cooking campfire tripod ©Enya Todd

Collect three straight branches, each about 2m long; any wood will work, so long as it’s strong enough to support your pot. Stand the tripod legs together and bind them near the top using twine, first in a figure-of-eight motion between the legs, then in an up-and-down circle, pulling tight before fastening.

Step 2


How to make a cooking campfire tripod ©Enya Todd

Spread the branches evenly apart (roughly 1–1.5m between each foot) and position the tripod above the location of your fire. Gently lean on the top of the structure to test the strength.

Step 3

How to make a cooking campfire tripod ©Enya Todd

For the pot hanger, find a forked branch, removing any wood below the ’V’ if necessary. Trim one arm of the fork to approximately 50cm and the other to 5cm; the latter will act as a hook for your cooking pot. Cut a small nick into the opposite end of the hanger. Cut a 3–4m length of strong twine and wrap one end around the groove, tying it firmly in place. 

Step 4

How to make a cooking campfire tripod ©Enya Todd

Lower the hook through the top of the tripod to the appropriate height. Tie the opposite end of the twine to a nearby tree (or a peg/stake held very firmly in the ground); this will allow you to move the pot up and down depending on how much heat you want to give it. You are now ready to begin cooking.


Illustrations by Enya Todd