Make a pond-dipping net

Discover an underwater world of insects, fish and strange-looking amphibians with your very own homemade fishing net



There is something rather satisfying about dipping a net into the water and seeing what you can find, especially if it’s homemade.


Our five-step guide will leave you with your very own net, the perfect impetus for a trip outdoors, no matter what the season.

Boy in a pond with a fishing net catching fish in the summer sun concept for childhood, healthy lifestyle and vacation
A quick cut here and a little stitch there, and soon you’ll have your very own pond-dipping net ©Getty

You will need

  • pair of tights
  • wire coat hanger
  • duct tape
  • bamboo cane
  • needle
  • strong thread


1. Tight tying
Remove two thirds of the legs from the tights with the scissors. Tie the remaining leg material together to create a net. 
2. Reshaping your hanger
Reshape the coat hanger to make a square wire frame. Straighten the hook –this will be the handle.
3. Tights over hanger
Stretch the elastic waist of the tights over the square coat hanger frame to create the dipping end of the net. 
4. A few stitches
You will need to secure the tights to the frame. Wrap the material around the wire and carefully stitch it to itself.
5. Bamboo handle
Push the straightened hook into the bamboo cane and strengthen it with duct tape. You’re now ready to take a dip.

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