How to propagate herbs and make pebble labels

Grow new herbs or other pot plants and label them with pretty stones with our handy herb propagating guide.


Grow an indoor herb garden and create pretty pebble labels with our how to guide for propagating herbs.


You Will Need

  • A healthy 'parent' plant
  • A glass or old jam jar
  • Plant pot
  • soil
  • Pebble
  • Pencil
  • acrylic paint
  • glaze

Step 1

Plant being cut
The day before, water the plant you want to take a cutting from. The next day, cut straight through the stem, halfway between leaf shoots (above). Place your cutting in water; make sure there are no leaves below the waterline.

Step 2

Keep your cutting away from direct sunlight and keep it watered until roots appear. Then, transplant your cutting into a pot of fresh soil; a small, clean yoghurt pot will do. Don’t pack the soil tightly as this will hinder the cutting’s growth.

Step 3

Move your cutting to a windowsill or well-lit surface and re-pot it as it grows. Take a medium-sized pebble and wash off any dirt. Once dry, sketch a detail from your plant, such as a leaf, and write the plant’s name below it.

Step 4

Fill in your plant detail using acrylic paint and a small paintbrush. Trace your plant’s name using black acrylic and a toothpick. Once dry, coat your pebble in glaze and dry it overnight. Now, place your pebble in front of your plant.