Sow seeds in eggshells

Use your leftover eggshells to sow vegetables, salad leaves and flowers

Sowing seeds in eggshells

Eggshells are the perfect natural containers for growing seedlings in early spring. Once the seeds have sprouted, plant the shells straight in the ground.


You Will Need

  • egg shells (cut off at the top)
  • cardboard egg box
  • drawing pin/thumbtack;
  • potting soil
  • Seeds

Step 1

Wash the shells then prick a drainage hole in the bottom using a drawing pin or thumbtack. Place them in the cardboard egg box.

How to sow seeds in eggshells

Step 2

Half-fill the shells with soil, place a seed in each, then top up with more soil (follow the instructions on the seed packet for specific depths).

How to sow seeds in eggshells

Step 3

Label the shells with their plant names, then place indoors in a warm and sunny location, keeping the soil moist but not waterlogged.

How to sow seeds in eggshells

Step 4

Once the seedlings have sprouted, crush each egg gently in your hand, allowing the roots to spread, and plant in freshly tilled soil in your garden.

How to sow seeds in eggshells

Illustrations by Enya Todd