Tie a clove hitch knot

This quick and easy knot is ideal for keeping unruly gardens in check, making attractive rope fences and hanging up washing lines

Clove hitch knot

Knowing how to tie a few simple knots is both rewarding and extremely useful, whether you are out camping, neatening up the garden or trying to improve your bushcraft skills.

This quick step-by-step teaches you how to tie a simple clove hitch knot.


Step 1

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Pass the end of the rope around and then beneath the post, branch or cane, then loop it diagonally across the main line.

Step 2

Continue around the post for a second time, threading the end of the rope beneath the diagonal.

How to tie a clove hitch knot step 2

Step 3

Slowly pull the rope from both ends, ensuring the shape of the knot is maintained to form the clove hitch.

How to tie a clove hitch knot step 3

Illustrations by Enya Todd