R is for Reading: mindfulness in nature

Reading outside can help improve physical and mental wellbeing

Why is reading good for mindfulness?
Published: July 1st, 2019 at 2:06 pm
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Words fill our daily lives, flash up on screens or shout from the back of buses; so much of our reading is incidental, or backlit on a screen.


But reading can offer the perfect opportunity for being fully present and mindful.

How reading is good for mindfulness
How is reading is good for mindfulness? ©Lynn Hatzius

Find a time when you can focus and relax without distractions and choose an engaging text; notice the tactile joy of holding a book cool to the touch, the smell of ink, the soft sounds of paper.


Take your time to note the rhythm of a sentence, the pace of a age – even read out loud and savour the sounds of words in your mouth. Allow yourself to be absorbed in the beauty of words.


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