Autumn wonders

This month's issue celebrates the rich vibrancy of autumn in Britain as we pay tribute to all the colours of the year

Published: October 31st, 2016 at 9:19 am


Discover Cranborne Chase

A place of ancient roots and quiet glory, this overlooked and scantily populated corner of Dorset and Wiltshire runs wild with unbridled natural joy. Walk its hills and dells with nature writer Chris Yates.

The eagle with the sunlit eye

Once extinct in Britain, the white-tailed eagle has clawed its way back to a small population on Scotland’s shores. Marvel at our largest and boldest bird of prey.

Paul Nash: landscape genius

The gifted artist who captured the countryside at peace and in war, at home and abroad.

Nature’s fireworks

We pay tribute to all the colours of the year, from the golden hues of autumn to the brilliant blue of kingfishers and the bright warnings of the scarlet tiger moth. 

13 monsters

Across the land, dread beasts are stirring – dark creatures of mountain and moor, water and woodland. Meet the shadowy Big Grey Man, bloodthirtsy Black Shuck and nightmarish Nuckelavee, plus many more...

Winter warmers

It’s cold outside, so cosy and nourishing food is key. Make hearty soups, stews and pot-roasts with these three reassuringly tasty recipes.

 Great Days Out

The secrets of the Second World War

On your cover this month


A sunlight-dappled track through autumn woodland in Ross-shire, Scotland.



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