BBC Countryfile Magazine issue 165: Cornish Eden

Journey through the sunshine county's gorgeous tropical gardens in the June issue of BBC Countryfile Magazine – on sale now.

BBC Countryfile Magazine
Published: May 30th, 2020 at 1:29 pm
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Cornish Edens

Explore the abundant, tropical delights of the UK’s most southerly gardens, where exotic blooms and azure waters create heavenly landscapes, says Tim Hubbard.


Vintage seaside

Revisit the nostalgic pleasures of Britain’s seaside, from brass bands to strolls on the pier on Kathryn Ferry’s whistle-stop tour around the nation’s beach favourites.

Coastal kestrels

The beautiful ‘windhover’ is often sighted hanging motionless in the breeze along our coast. Find out more about this beguiling bird of prey with Mark Hillsdon.

Fishing village life

Lamorna Ash immersed herself in Newlyn’s close-knit community, where locals rely on the sea for their livelihood.

Rhythm of the shore

Inspired by her estuary environment, printmaker and artist Lou Tonkins says slowing down is key to her creativity.

Healing the sea

The Isle of Arran’s seabed had been decimated by dredging, until the islanders’ campaign to protect Lamlash Bay restored life, says Richard Baynes.

Waves of terror

Pirate raids once made our coasts fearful places. Sam Willis recalls the era when danger stalked our seas.


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Issue 165 on sale 30th May 2020

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