BBC Countryfile Magazine issue 172: Love winter!

Celebrate the New Year with the January issue of BBC Countryfile Magazine.

Published: December 18th, 2020 at 9:20 am
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The charms of Cheshire in winter

Wild hills sparkling with frost, elegant country estates and half-timbered market towns – join Neil Coates for a timeless seasonal escape in Cheshire.


Highland hogmanay

In homes across Scotland preparations are afoot for New Year’s Eve. Martha McGill explores the roots of a uniquely Scottish celebration rich with ancient tradition.

Fox in the frost

Smart, swift and stealthy, the fox is one of nature’s great survivors. Find out how they feed, breed and communicate in the frozen months of winter, with Adele Brand.

Plant Britain

Join the Countryfile team and get involved in Plant Britain – an ambitious new campaign to plant thousands of trees across the country.

Forgotten wonders

Fascinating remnants of our ancient past can be found across Britain. Mary-Ann Ochota seeks out some of our most obscure ancient marvels.

Hog in the limelight

Clare Balding tells the tale of the Learned Pig, whose feats of memory astonished Georgian Britain.

Love winter

Paw prints in snow, birds on frozen lakes – reasons to find joy in the season.


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