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Discover spring in the Peak District in the April 2021 issue of BBC Countryfile Magazine.

April 2021 cover BBC Countryfile Magazine
Published: March 11th, 2021 at 11:44 am
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The People’s park

To mark the 70th anniversary of the creation of the UK’s first national park, the Peak District, Helen Moat walks the boundary path and revels in its wild and beautiful landscapes.


Marshland miracle

Reduced to a single breeding pair 50 years ago, the marsh harrier is now thriving in our wetlands. Join Pete Dommett to witness the raptor’s spring courtship display in the Somerset Levels.

The legend of Herne the hunter

There’s a magical being said to haunt the trees of Windsor Great Park. Storyteller Lisa Schneidau profiles enduring folk hero, Herne the Hunter.

Easter: Britain’s Quirkiest churches

Almost every village has a parish church, but they don’t all follow a template. We reveal some rare architectural gems.

Wild Easter eggs

Famous for his stunning landscapes, photographer Colin Prior’s lastest project focuses on a smaller scale: eggs.

Natural kindness

A 19th-century pioneer of wildlife writing for children, conservationist Eliza Brightwen had a gift of “natural magic”.

The orchard in spring

Witness the emerging blossom and the beginning of cider-making in a West Country apple orchard.


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