BBC Countryfile Magazine issue 182: Golden Wonders

Our October 2021 issue takes you into the wild heart of leafy Surrey, mudlarking with Lara Maiklem, along old drover's roads, and into Burrow Hill Cider Farm at harvest time. John Craven looks back at 30 years of the BBC Countryfile Calendar competition.

Countryfile October 2021 magazine cover with red leafy trees around a pretty lake
Published: September 27th, 2021 at 3:42 pm
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Identify forest fungi

Nine marvellous mushroom species.


Discover the wild side of Surrey

Britain’s leafiest county bursts into vivid life in the autumn months. Kush Patel explores its woodland, hills, rivers and heaths and finds a wealth of wildlife.

The oak farmer

A rasping screech, a flash of pink, blue, black and white – meet the jay, a colourful woodland crow whose penchant for acorns helps reforest the land with oak trees, says Mark Hillsdon.

Walking old ways

Once, drovers’ roads scored the countryside, along which livestock travelled to market. Steph Wetherell traces the remnants of one such ancient route in Wales.

The art of larking

Uncover lost treasure, including old coins, clay figures and curious keys, with mudlark Lara Maiklem.

Nature-writing contest

The runner-up of our new nature-writing competition is a spellbinding account of a rural childhood: ‘Then’ by Mike Gibson.

Autumn orchard

We return to Burrow Hill Cider Farm at harvest time, where the apples are ripe for picking and pressing.

Anniversary pictures

John Craven reflects on 30 years of the Countryfile Photographic Competition, as captured in 14 stunning images from the archive.

Behind the headlines

Two new landscapes are due to receive Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty designation. What does this mean?


  • Great Days Out – Hills of History
  • Columns from the Countryfile presenters
  • Best storm-proof jackets

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Tanya Jackson is the acting group digital editor of and She loves campfire cooking, swimming in the sea, trail running, rural folklore, barn owls and red kites, hiking with the kids and looking for signs of ancient settlements in the Wiltshire hills where she lives. Tanya also has a passion for English food and drink, and loves uncovering the stories of the land as told through local produce.


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