In your Jubilee special issue:

  • The regal heritage of the River Thames
  • Goshawks: the hidden life of this master of stealth
  • The transformation of the Jubilee Oak
  • A walk along the 134-mile John Muir Pollinator Way
  • The facts of extinction and the human as predator and protector of the natural world
  • Rewilding the Royal Estates
  • A celebration of the life of artist and plantsman Sir Cedric Morris

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Tanya Jackson in red checked shirt and rucksack standing by a wall with a big smile
Tanya Jacksonacting group digital editor

Tanya Jackson is the acting group digital editor of and She loves campfire cooking, swimming in the sea, trail running, rural folklore, barn owls and red kites, hiking with the kids and looking for signs of ancient settlements in the Wiltshire hills where she lives. Tanya also has a passion for English food and drink, and loves uncovering the stories of the land as told through local produce.