Issue 156: Enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors with Helen Skelton

In our October issue explore leafy dales and lost valleys this autumn.

Published: September 20th, 2019 at 1:55 pm
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Issue 156: On sale 19th October 2019

October in the country

Try a delicious recipe for roast rabbit.


Where to go for Halloween scares.

News from our litter heroes campaign.

Spider ID guide

Nine common arachnids to spot.

Worcestershire’s autumn wonders

Marie Kreft guides you through the beautiful orchards, pastures and villages that fill the landscape between the Malvern Hills and the Cotswolds.

On your cover

Countryfile presenter 
Helen Skelton delights 
in seasonal colours on 
wild hill walks in her 
favourite countryside.

BBC Countryfile's Helen Skelton

Striking out

Countryfile presenter Helen Skelton celebrates autumnal adventures in Britain’s countryside and the exhilaration of spending a day outdoors.

Return of the pine marten

Travel to mid-Wales with Julie Brominicks to discover how a colony of reintroduced pine martins is not only thriving but helping to improve the forest they’ve made their home.

Britain’s forest revolution

On the Forestry Commission’s centenary, discover how the timber demands of two world wars shaped our countryside.

Rewild your garden

Broadcaster Verity Sharp turned her garden into a haven for wildlife in one easy step: by letting it be.

“Why I Shoot”

Hunter Matt Cross on his shooting heritage and the need for improved accountability in the shooting industry.

Fake views

Take a tour of Britain’s best rural hoaxes, from fake castles to counterfeit colosseums, with Dixe Wills.

Great Days Out

Explore leafy dales and lost valleys this autumn.


Plus, FREE walking supplement – 10 walks in wild uplands.


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