Issue 157: Spectacular autumn walks and ruins

In our November issue roam the enchanted forests of Perthshire, find great walks to magical ruins and much more.

Published: October 18th, 2019 at 2:41 pm
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Golden country

Autumn has never looked more lovely than in Perthshire, where sparkling rivers rush through fire-coloured forests and pretty villages offer warm welcomes.


Silver rush

Revisit the angling heyday of the River Wye, when salmon used to leap in their thousands to spawn.


In craftsman Charlie Whinney’s hands, hard wood becomes pliant. Discover the astonishing art of steam-bending.

Future of the forest

What will our woodland cover look like in 100 years? Afforestation and rewilding efforts may see forests thrive.

The super-tramp

A profile of the poet and drifter WH Davies (1873–1940), who bewailed a busy world that would not take the time to “stand and stare”.

Darks tales from country inns

Dixe Wills tours Britain’s most ghoulish pubs, uncovering their eerie histories.

On your cover

Stunning autumn colour 
on the banks of the River Garry, near Pitlochry in Perthshire, Scotland.

Cosy cabins

Dream of living in a cabin in the woods? Why not transform your home into a cosy hideaway.


Autumn preserves

Pam the Jam presents mouthwatering recipes to help preserve the fruits of your autumn glut.

Great Days OutRomantic ruins – we visit the Welsh Marshes, Aberdeenshire, Devon, Norfolk and more!

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