Love winter!

Discover Cambridge and the frosty Fens, enjoy extraordinary images of icy landscapes and find inspiration for wild winter walks in our January issue 

Published: December 22nd, 2016 at 2:56 pm


Discover Cambridge and the frosty fens

From Cambridge’s cosy pubs and classic colleges, venture deep into the crisp, cool wonderland of the Fens. These wild wetlands are buoyant with rare birdlife in winter, says Patrick Barkham

Tawny owls

Silent hunters with excellent eyesight stalk our dark skies. Explore the night world of the elusive tawny owl with Marianne Taylor.

Saltmarsh sculptor

Artist Stephen Henderson lives on the coast of Essex, searching the shores for driftwood and carving beautiful sculptures inspired by the wildlife of the saltmarshes. 

Family fun in winter

It’s cold outside but don’t let that stop you – there are plenty of adventures to be had as a family. 

Cool vistas

Intrepid photographer Ian Lawson presents some of his finest scenes of frozen landscapes. 

Wilderness man

Remembering Mike Tomkies, a natural adventurer whose travels took him from the bright lights of Hollywood to the secluded stars of the Highlands. 

60 dream log cabins


Build your own retreat from the world, in woodland or your garden – or simply stay in one for a joyful getaway.



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