September 2011 - issue 51

Welcome to our harvest special with Countryfile's Adam Henson

Find out why there's still romance in the modern harvest, visit 12 of the best harvest festivals, discover harvest history and folklore, meed Devon's cider makers and unearth the lost orchards of England.


  • Explore Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland
  • Meet the winners of the Countryfile Magazine awards
  • Visit great British castles
Published: August 22nd, 2011 at 12:05 pm

We take a walk through time, looking at the history of harvest and folklore, to the changing agricultural landscape and hear why Adam Henson believes harvest time is still the most important season on the farming calendar.
Autumn – the season for cider. This issue we look back to a tradition that has prevailed since the Norman invasion and continues in one Saxon cider farmhouse in Devon. Learn about how cider is brewed as well as the whereabouts of some of the best orchards, tours and tastings around.
Discover ancient Hadrian’s Wall stretching across Cumbria and Northumberland, wander among the lakes and inland cliffs, find out about the wildlife, excavated forts and exquisite gardens that you may find on your way.
In September's Great Days Out, we look at the castles and ruins that enrich our country's history, and find out which ones are worth a day trip.
Plus...we announce the Countryfile Magazine award winners and find out who you chose to be 2010’s food hero, best market town, favourite national park and many more.


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