Special edition: Back to Nature

Get back to nature with our special edition and discover how Britain's countryside will revitalise your life...

Published: October 3rd, 2016 at 2:03 pm


Discover mull: The wild isle

This untamed island in the Inner Hebrides offers an abundance of wildlife and life-enriching landscapes.

Living off the land

What’s it like to take on a rural smallholding? Nick Ivins shares his homesteader experience and recipes.

Reviving a river

Brown trout have returned to what was once one of Britain’s filthiest rivers. Meet the saviours of Salford’s Irwell. 

Natural adventures

Find yourself inspired by these six enterprising people who ditched ordinary routines to get outside and do something extraordinary.

My countryside

Presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle on blue sharks, beavers and the beauty of the British countryside.

On your cover


Coladoir River in the early morning on the Isle of Mull, photographed by Barbara Jones



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