Rabbits find hidden treasure

Artefacts dating back 5,000 years have been dug up in Cornwall - by rabbits.


Artefacts dating back 5,000 years have been dug up in Cornwall – by rabbits.


The burrowing bunnies moved in to the Land’s End peninsula in 2013 and began rooting around for a place to call home.

In doing so they’ve unearthed what archaeologists have called a “goldmine” of finds.

Dean Paton who runs Big Heritage, an educational archaeology company invited to the site, told Heritage Daily, “Land’s End staff member Eddie Williams had affectionately ‘adopted’ a family of wild rabbits who had created a network of burrows near the site’s Greeb Farm attraction, but he soon noticed it wasn’t just soil being unearthed by the rabbits, but a series of curious flint objects which he decided to collect.

“Big Heritage was invited to the site to investigate further, and we found that Eddie’s finds were a collection of flint scrapers and arrowheads dating back at least 5,000 years.”

The rabbits’ discoveries have lead archaeologists to carry out an investigation on the site. The investigation helped them to locate an Iron Age hill fort, a Bronze Age barrow cemetery, a Neolithic passage grave and a series of Iron Age field-systems.


Alice Reynolds, Marketing Manager at Land’s End said: “Thousands of people visit Land’s End each year to witness our amazing views and the rare natural habitats we preserve. We’re so excited to add heritage to this list, and are putting plans in place to ensure we can help to preserve the archaeology of our site, but also share it with both tourists and local communities.”