Stephen Fry joins the celebrities rallying against the closure of Cromer’s crab factory

Celebrities have joined together on Twitter in support of Cromer's crab factory which looks set to be relocated to Grimsby and Scotland 


A small army of celebrities have united to quash plans to move Cromer’s famous crab processing factory from the Norflok coast to Grimsby and Scotland. So far, Matthew Pinsent, Alan Titchmarsh and Stephen Fry have all waded in to express their displeasure.


The normally peaceful small town is awash with protests and posters condemning the closure and asking people to sign a petition to halt relocation by the owner Young’s. Even with the celebrities backing however, factory workers are not optimistic about the protest, one worker said, “They [company directors] can do what they want – what can guys on the factory floor do about it? They’ve counted the cards, dealt them out and now we’re just waiting for them to turn them over.”

When hearing about the proposal Stephen Fry was quick to post on his Twitter account, he commented “Nooooo! Youngs to take Cromer Crabs out of Cromer? Inconceivable. Sign petition… Keep It Cromer”. With 230 jobs set to be lost, the campaigners are hoping to get the backing of Jamie Oliver who himself produces products for his seafood range through Young’s.


Young’s have blamed the move on the depreciating value of the pound to the dollar, adding that it has left them in an uncompetitive position and that they have to be “sustainable”.