The World’s Biggest Liar – winner announced

Jack Harvey has been named the World’s Biggest Liar.

Gloucestershire floods

Jack Harvey was named the World’s Biggest Liar on the 15th of November, in a night of falsehoods, fabrications, white lies, and whoppers.


“I’m delighted to have won this fantastic competition. To be honest I can’t believe it – maybe it’s just a lie as well!” said Jack.

The competition, hosted by Jennings Brewery, and dating back to the 19th century, pits entrants against one another to see who can create the greatest hyperbole. It originates from perhaps the most infamous Cumbrian Will Ritson (1808-1890), whose tales detailed the apparently gigantic turnips of the Wasdale area, to go along with the highest mountain (Scafell Pike) and the smallest church (Wasdale Head Church) in England.

In this year’s competition, Jack Harvey won against eleven other competitors to take the Liar cup, including previous winners such as Johnny Liar, who has previously won seven times at telling the tallest tales.

“Many Cumbrians are four percent badger,” was the likely story by winner Jack Harvey.


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