Top 10 outdoor camera accessories

Outdoor photography has never been easier thanks to these innovative accessories. Elizabeth Gage compiles the top 10 pieces of kit you shouldn’t be without next time you go hiking with your camera


1. Tamrac Adventure 7 Backpack
This 2 in 1 backpack features a bottom foam-padded compartment that holds a large SLR camera plus 2 lenses and accessories. The top section holds waterproofs and personal items making it ideal for a day trip.
From £55 inc delivery.


2. Trektech Trekpod Go Pro
From walking pole to monopod to Tripod, this height adjustable, light-weight (790kg) multi-tool Trekpod has a MagMount Pro system for attaching a camera with ¼ inch mounting thread.
From £106.98 inc delivery.

3. Kata E-702 Elements Camera Cover
The cover allows you to keep shooting even in harsh weather conditions protecting lenses up to 200mm. Large side sleeves allow access to all controls. The cover fits all types of pro Digital/ SLR cameras with or without a booster or grip.
From £33 inc delivery.

4. Free loader Pro Solar charger
With this solar powered battery charger there is no need to worry about missing the perfect shot. Made in tough aluminium it can give 100% charge to a camera battery and 70 hours to mobile phones using its high power solar panels. Supplied with the Freeloader Pro is a CamCaddy capable of charging any type of battery sizes 3.2v to 7.9v.
From £69.99 inc delivery.

5. SteadePod
Take stable shots without a tripod with this innovative lightweight retractable camera pod. Simply attach your camera, extend the cable and anchor the footpad. The small amount of tension in the cable allows the camera to steady for low light or long exposure shots. Perfect for travelling and hiking.
From £24.99

6. Gorilla torch
Shine some light on your subject with this handy torch that can be attached to just about anything. The flexible legs can be wrapped around branches and poles for a steady spotlight that can be controlled with the adjustable dimmer. Water resistant and requires 3 AA batteries.


7. Jessops Media Gel case
If you take more than one memory card it’s best to protect them in a case. Jessops media Gel case is lightweight and holds up to 8 SD/MMC cards.
£9.99 from Jessops

8. Filters
There are varying types of filters but for landscape shots, particularly with water, polarizing filters are most useful. They reduce the glare from reflective surfaces and increase colour saturation making your landscape look that little bit more dramatic. Prices will vary depending on the size of the lens.

9. Stealth Photography jacket
If you want to look the part when out hiking with your camera, a photographer’s jacket or vest features pockets for lenses and shoulder pads to cushion camera bag straps. Materials may vary but they are all made to protect from extreme weather conditions.


10. Outdoor Pro Professional Cleaning Kit
Everything you need to keep your camera lens clean. Includes 1 LensPen, 1 LensPen Minipro, 1 Microklear Microfiber cloth and 1 Fogklear AntiFog cloth, all in a nylon carrying case.
From £20