Photo gallery: best of summer wildlife by Villager Jim

Explore the summer highlights of country life in this wildlife photo gallery by the photographer known simply as Villager Jim. 


Here is a collection of Villager Jim’s favourite summer wildlife shots – do you have a favourite?

Bobbin and the stone trough ©VillagerJim
Like a duck to water ©VillagerJim
Can’t catch me! ©VillagerJim
Bath time! ©VillagerJim
Dancing at dawn ©VillagerJim
I have my eye on you…©VillagerJim
New hair do ©VillagerJim
Friends for life ©VillagerJim
Still waters ©VillagerJim
Cooling off ©VillagerJim
Perfect landing ©VillagerJim
Horsing around ©VillagerJim
Relaxing with mum ©VillagerJim


Fading light ©VillagerJim
Nap time ©VillagerJim
Summer in the countryside ©VillagerJim
Enjoying the sunrise ©VillagerJim
Evening light ©VillagerJim
A flash of colour ©VillagerJim