The best UK nature photography blogs for beginners

If you find yourself looking for some photographic inspiration but don't have time to trawl the thousands of blogs, streams and feeds on the net, well don't worry - we've done it for you.

Published: May 19th, 2017 at 10:56 am
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If you find yourself looking for some photographic inspiration but don't have time to trawl the thousands of blogs, streams and feeds on the net, well don't worry - we've done it for you.


Gathered below is a selection (admittedly just the tip of the iceberg) of some of the best nature and wildlife photography blogs, full of inspiration and tips that are useful for those just starting out with their camera.

With any luck, before long you'll have a comprehensive blog of your own that may just get featured in our list next time!

Nature photography blogs worth a look:

Andrew Sproule Wildlife Photography

Water Vole (Arvicola terrestris)

Andrew has had fascination for the natural world for as long as he can remember and observing and seriously photographing wildlife and nature has been his passion since 2008.

Top of his agenda is conveying and promoting an understanding about how to view the world and the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

His site includes various tips for aspiring beginners and detailed stories about his work.

Ben Andrew Photography

Stunning and inspiring images of iconic British wildlife in the its natural habitat.

From plants to bluebells to snakes, water voles to birds of prey, foxes to ducks these photographs show wild Britain at its best.

Comprising of numerous photo galleries, trip reports, reviews and wildlife blogs, Neil Phillips' website displays the best of his work supported by a range of useful hints and tips for beginners.

Craig Jones Wildlife Photography

Craig Jones was introduced to nature at a young age by his mother. It is an interest that has grown with him and he now takes lovely photographs of mother nature in action.

He also offers talks, workshops and photographic tours to wildlife havens in Britain and abroad.

Dawn Monrose Nature Photography

With the aim of inspiring people about the natural, wildlife and nature photographer Dawn Monrose takes the majority of her shots locally in East Anglia.

Her website features a range of galleries and links, as well as a blog which features her very latest images and the stories behind them.


This is a great little website and online community, full of hints and tips regarding how to get the best out of your camera and take wonderful wildlife photos.

It also includes advice from award-winning photographer Andy Rowse.

Jessica Winder's Nature in Focus

Jessica has background of ecological studies and is enthusiastic about capturing the abstract beauty of the natural world through photography.

Her personal blog features regular articles about her interests and exploits in a friendly way with plenty of images. She regularly interacts with readers and willingly shares her thoughts and advice.

Lee Webb Nature Photography

Here you will find an vast collection of images and the stories behind them, as well as a lively and up to date blog about what I'm getting up to and what I'm photographing.

Lee's blog also contains a useful mix of help and advice to guide newcomers through the art of nature photography to the site which will hopefully be of benefit to any aspiring photographers out there.

Richard Ford - Digital Wildlife

A complete resource for aspiring wildlife photographers featuring birds, mammals, invertebrates, reptiles and plants.

Richard’s blog also features details of cameras, techniques and useful advice on the more technical aspects of photography.


Main image: Woman photographing view, standing on north shore of East Loch Tarbet, North Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland/Credit: Getty


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