The mystery of Knowlton Circles with Mary-Ann Ochota, Part one

In the first of a new series of podcasts – Histories and Mysteries of the Countryside – broadcaster and archaeologist Mary-Ann Ochota wanders ancient landscapes in Dorset to unravel the enigma of Knowlton Circles

Mary-Ann Ochota in Countryfile magazine podcast

Join archaeologist, anthropologist and broadcaster Mary-Ann Ochota on the Dorset downs as she ventures across an ancient landscape of mysterious pathways, burial mounds and unexplained earthworks.


She’s on a quest to explore the secrets of enigmatic Knowlton Circles – a little-known neolithic henge. Mary-Ann is the author of Secret Britain: Unearthing Our Mysterious Past. Afterwards, join the Plodcast team to talk about the adventure and a very special listeners’ Sound of the Week.


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