01. New podcast series: explore the real Watership Down in the first of our new season of 12 weekly podcasts

Escape to the countryside with a new season of 12 podcasts from BBC Countryfile Magazine. Discover wildlife and history in beautiful places, meet interesting rural people and discuss the big issues

Watership Down, Nuthanger Farm in Countryfile Podcast
Published: January 29th, 2019 at 7:00 am
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Welcome to a new season of podcasts from BBC Countryfile Magazine. Come with us on a series of great escapes into beautiful landscapes where we look for great wildlife, explore curious historic sites, meet interesting rural people and discuss the big issues affecting the countryside.


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Highlights of the first season of 12 episodes include: a birding trip in Somerset with the One Show’s Mike Dilger; a chat with opera singer and sheep farmer Gwawr Edwards, a big debate about the pros and cons of rewilding, delightful insights into how to make your life wilder with naturalist Nick Baker and a walk in search of the real Watership Down.

Lane through a field
A farm track leads towards the Wessex Downs – and eventually Watership Down

Listen to the first episode: A quest to find the real Watership Down

Coming up in the episode

Editor Fergus Collins takes us on a walk into northern Hampshire to find a very special place… "In 1977, at the age of 6, I saw my first film in the cinema: Watership Down. The (accurately) brutal and beautiful adaptation of Richard Adams’ rabbit epic still haunts me. I’ve read the book at least twice since and last Christmas felt compelled to watch the new BBC series. It’s a magnificent, moving tale and is based, at least in part, on real landscapes in north Hampshire.

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Footloose in early January with a day of sunshine ahead, I fretted about where to go – and had a lightbulb moment: Watership Down. Let’s see what’s really there."

Watership Down viewed from nearby Nuthanger Down, Northern Hampshire

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