Celebrating 20 years of the RSPB's Hope Farm in Cambridgeshire

Wander the open acres of the RSPB's Hope Farm in Cambridgeshire with manager Georgie Bray and discover how to farm with wildlife, in episode 9, season 7 of the BBC Countryfile Magazine podcast

Countryfile podcast on Hope Farm in Cambridgeshire – RSPB farm manager Georgie Bray
Published: November 24th, 2020 at 12:02 pm
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Walk around the RSPB's flagship farm in Cambridgeshire to discover how wildlife and farming can work together – with manager Georgie Bray. Episode 9 of season 7 of the Countryfile Magazine podcast.

20 years ago, the RSPB bought Hope Farm in Cambridgeshire to explore how best to farm sustainably and profitably while also creating a home for nature. Meet lapwings, linnets and wildflowers as we wander the farm in the company of manager Georgie Bray to discover that it is possible to create wildlife habitat and make a living from the land.



Fergus CollinsEditor, BBC Countryfile Magazine

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