How walking in nature can inspire stunning art

Enjoy a walk in the wild edge of the Pennines with two local artists – Liz Ackerley and Hugh Winterbottom – who draw inspiration from the landscapes they walk in – in episode 6, season 11 of the Countryfile Magazine podcast

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Published: February 23rd, 2022 at 2:08 pm

Enjoy a wild winter's walk around the town of Mossley in Greater Manchester where the surrounding moors, woods and crumbling industrial heritage inspire two local artists. Meet Liz Ackerley and her friend Hugh Winterbottom to hear how the ever-changing seasons and atmospheres influence their very different styles of work.


You can see their work in an exhibition called: Landscape Inside Out, Gallery Oldham, Oldham, Greater Manchester from 5 March to 4 June.

Later, the Plodcast team talk about artistic inspiration, video games based on the British countryside and listen to a chilling Sound of the Week.

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You can find out more about Liz and Hugh's art in the following You Tube videos.
Hugh Winterbottom:

Canal landscape by Hugh Winterbottom
The Rochdale Canal – an example of Hugh Winterbottom's more representative style

Plein air painting from the studio to the woods
April rambling in the countryside with my sketchbook

Liz Ackerley:

Landcape – Liz Ackerley
Liz Ackerley has an abstract style where she focuses on mood and feeling over capturing the details of the landscape.

My ‘Marking Seasons’ mark making landscape project (January)
The playlist that contains all 12 of these videos is here: )
Mixed media painting on Marsden Moor

Liz, Hugh and Fergus shelter from the rain at the end of their walk


Fergus CollinsEditor, BBC Countryfile Magazine

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