Looking for historical artefacts on the River Thames with the London mudlarker

Lara Maiklem spends her spare time looking for historical 'treasures' on the banks of the River Thames. Hear about her extraordinary finds and strange experiences in episode 13, series 10 of the BBC Countryfile magazine podcast

A collection of clay handles arranged in a circle on a wooden table

The London Mudlark – Lara Maiklem – spends her free time combing the River Thames foreshore for fascinating objects that each have a story to tell. From buttons and beads to shoes and coins, her finds help build a picture of the people who have lived along the river for the past few centuries. Listen on to hear about this curious hobby. And you can see more of Lara’s finds on Instagram, Twitter and facebook – search for the London Mudlark.


If you are tempted to go mudlarking yourself, check tide times and weather conditions. And, on the River Thames, you need permission from the Port of London Authority. Image by Jon Cartwright


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