Podcast: Finding King Arthur’s Britain in the modern countryside

How strange earthworks and other mysterious features in the landscape reveal ancient battle-lines and defences – plus, the location of Camelot revealed

Sword on the meadow with stones under the dramatic sky. Storm heaven and sun lights. Photos montage with 3D render illustration.

Following on episode 1’s walk on the mysterious Wansdyke in Wiltshire, we talk to military historian Jim Storr, author of King Arthur’s Wars, to discuss his intriguing theory as to why England is criss-crossed with ancient linear earthworks. Plus, we discover the real location of the mythical Camelot.


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The legend of King Arthur is centuries old and still fascinates today. Here is our guide on Britain’s most famous hero, including a brief look at the history of the legend and best places to follow King Arthur’s trail in the British countryside. 

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Illustration of King Arthur