Podcast: Join a wild bee rescue mission near the New Forest

Join us for an extraordinary wild honeybee rescue on the edge of the New Forest with Debs 'Totty' Cruttenden in episode 10, season 13 of the BBC Countryfile magazine Plodcast.

Tany aJackson and Debs Cruttenden are pictured wearing bee suits by a portable hive
Published: August 16th, 2022 at 12:51 pm

In this extraordinary episode, we head to the edge of the New Forest to meet Debs 'Totty' Cruttenden – a self taught beekeeper who rescues wild swarms of honeybees. She’s a quite magical person and her deep knowledge of the lives and behaviour of honeybees. We begin in the garden of neighbour who has spotted a swarm in a conifer tree.


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Furry male bee with no stinger crawling on hand of beekeeper
Male honeybees are furry and have no stinger
Swarm of wild honeybees crawling over portable hive box with white sheet over it
The bees swarm into Totty's portable hive box to find the queen


Tanya Jackson in red checked shirt and rucksack standing by a wall with a big smile
Tanya Jacksonacting group digital editor

Tanya Jackson is the acting group digital editor of countryfile.com and discoverwildlife.com. She loves campfire cooking, swimming in the sea, trail running, rural folklore, barn owls and red kites, hiking with the kids and looking for signs of ancient settlements in the Wiltshire hills where she lives. Tanya also has a passion for English food and drink, and loves uncovering the stories of the land as told through local produce.


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