Take a pilgrimage to an ancient shrine in a remote Welsh valley

As Easter approaches join Julia Brominicks as she journeys across north Wales to the remote shrine of St Melangell – and a very surprising experience on her arrival in episode nine of season four.

Threatening skies over the old stone church of Melangell

Listen to episode nine of season four of the BBC Countryfile Magazine podcast from a hidden valley in the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia in Wales.

Discover the 6th-century saint Melangell who defied a Welsh prince and created a sanctuary for people and wildlife in stunning Cwm Pennant on the edge of Snowdonia. Julie Brominicks takes a pilgrimage across the hills to find the hidden valley – where she meets with the Guardian of the Shrine the Reverend Christine Browne.


Julie also encounters a modern threat to the tranquility of this sacred place that parallels the ancient story of Melangell. Image of the Church of Melangell from Getty Images.


For more on the Shrine of Melangell, visit st-melangell.org.uk