04. The case against rewilding – a Welsh farmer speaks out

Rewilding is the buzzword in conservation and involves habitat restoration on a huge scale, including reintroductions of many wild species. But not everyone is happy. Welsh sheep farmer Dafydd Morris Jones makes a powerful argument against the rewilding movement in episode 4, season 1 of the Countryfile podcast

Cambrian Hills, rewilding podcast BBC Countryfile

Rewilding the countryside by restoring habitats and reintroducing key species is seen by many conservationists as the best way to restore Britain’s depleted nature – but not everyone is happy with the idea. Sheep farmer Dafydd Morris Jones argues passionately against rewilding in his native Cambrian Mountains, saying that it threatens Welsh culture – what do you thing? And in the next episode we hear the case for rewilding from Alastair Driver of Rewilding Britain. Don’t forget to visit countryfile.com for walks, stories and debates about the countryside.