Draw a bird

Use simple shapes and lines to create your very own avian masterpiece, then add a splash of colour using garden birds for inspiration

Sketch of a bird

Drawing birds can sometimes feel a bit intimidating. Where do you start? How do you get the proportions right?

But with a few simple shapes and lines, taken one step at a time, you’ll soon find that sketching a bird isn’t as impossible as you first thought.

Don’t worry about getting it perfect first time, it may take a few goes – make the legs a little longer, the eye a little bigger or the chest more curved.

Once you’re happy with the body you can add a bit of colour. Take inspiration from the birds in your garden or local park or wood.

How to draw a bird


You Will Need

  • Pencil
  • Colouring pencils
  • Paper

Step 1

Start by drawing the body of the bird. The chest should be pushed out with a strong curve; the back should be straight-ish, with a slight curve. Sketch a head, making it slightly oval.

Sketch of a bird

Step 2

For the tail, resume the line of the back. Make it two-thirds the length of the back with a slight upward curve. Draw the wing using a hook shape that extends one-third down the tail.

Sketch of a bird

Step 3

Sketch the upper leg (tilting away from the body), lower leg (tilting in) and feet to balance the bird. Add the beak – imagine pinching the head – then draw an eye in the middle of the head.

Sketch of a bird

Step 4

Lightly sketch a subtle curve from the neck towards the top of the wing. Do the same above the top of the leg to create the thigh. Add a few more lines to the wing.

Sketch of a bird

Step 5

Infill each section of the wing with strokes running down the body. Do the same on the tail, neck and thigh. Shade in the eye, leaving a dot of white in the middle to add life to your bird.

Sketch of a bird

Illustrations by Enya Todd