How to make a log bird feeder

Keep the woodpeckers and nuthatches happy with a homemade feeder



On your next trip outside, keep an eye out for a nice sturdy log. With a few quick drills and screws, the old tree part can become the feeding platform for garden birds.


It’s the perfect project for getting you outside using your hands, with the added value of offering support for local wildlife.

A Great Tit (Parus major) on a Pine Tree
Great tits are just one of many species that will benefit from your new log bird feeder ©Getty

You will need

  • a log
  • drill
  • screw-in hook,
  • chain/wire
  • suet
  • bird seed


1. Find a log
Collect a log from your garden or a nearby park – the size is up to you, but make sure it’s not rotten inside.
2. Create feeding holes
Attach a one-inch drill bit and make several one-inch-deep holes along the length of
the log. 
3. Twist in hook

Using a small drill bit (a little narrower than the screw), make a two-inch-deep hole in the top of the log. Twist in the hook.

4. Make bird food mixture

Make the bird food by stirring the suet and seed in a bowl, then push the mixture tightly
into the holes.

5. Hang feeder

Attach a chain or piece of wire on to the hook, hang the feeder from a tree and wait for the birds to come.

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Main image ©Alan Batley