Calling all UK farmers – fancy a job on the world’s remotest inhabited island?

The government of Tristan da Cunha, a remote group of volcanic islands in the south Atlantic Ocean, is looking to recruit a UK farmer who can help advise locals on agriculture.


Known as ‘Tristan’ by locals, Tristan da Cunha is one of the UK’s Overseas Territories, which is why it wants to recruit a British farmer, and is the world’s remotest inhabited island.


The volcanic island has a north–south length of just seven miles and an area of 38 square miles, and is home to rare wildlife and vegetation.

Accessed only by boat, the journey takes six-days from the coast of South Africa and is home to a population of just 265, with all of the island’s inhabitants working as farmers, growing their own crops and keeping livestock.

According to the advert published by the National Union of Farmers (NUF), the Tristan da Cunha government is looking to recruit an experienced UK farmer to take on the role of Agricultural Advisor for a two-year period.

The successful candidate needs to be able to demonstrate expertise gained in the UK in maintenance and modern medication for livestock, arable crop rotation and orchard creation, among other agricultural skills.

Alan Brown, head of job at the NFU, said: ‘”I hope there is a UK farmer out there who seizes the opportunity to take on this unique challenge and bring a flavour of British farming to the world’s most remote inhabited island.

“It is important for the NFU that we provide a broad spectrum of employment opportunities and promote farming and agriculture as a career which is vital in keeping the industry moving forward.

“But that said, with 30 years of advertising and recruitment, even I was surprised by this one!”

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So, if you are a UK farmer and fancy a major lifestyle change in 2016,  then this could be the dream job for you.


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