Explore the wildlife rich Magor Marsh in South Wales

Discover the wildlife of Magor Marsh in South Wales in the company of Fergus Collins and Gemma Bodé of Gwent Wildlife Trust

Photos by Kim Matthews

Published: August 27th, 2018 at 12:11 pm
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Magor Marsh, Gwent Wildlife Trust
Gwent Wildlife Trust's Gemma Bodé explores Magor Marsh with Countryfile Magazine's Fergus Collins

Home to water-voles, otters, kingfishers and hundreds of other creatures and plants, Magor Marsh is a natural haven. With Gwent Wildlife Trust's Gemma Bodé as his guide, Fergus Collins meets some of its wild inhabitants, explores the landscapes and learns about a big threat to the peace and beauty of the region.



Fergus CollinsEditor, BBC Countryfile Magazine

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