If you're looking to offer hedgehogs a protective space where they can find shelter, hibernate and hide from predators, a hedgehog house is a simple solution. With hedgehog numbers in Britain sadly on the decline, it's a great time to lend a helping hand and provide a safe space for your garden guests.


There are a range of hedgehog house designs and materials available, including wooden boxes and rattan igloo shelters, so we've rounded up eight of the best hedgehog houses so you can find a suitable match for your outdoor space.

In terms of location, Prickles and Paws Hedgehog Rescue recommend a shady, quiet and sheltered area, ideally amongst lots of undergrowth. As nest builders, hedgehogs will make use of the natural nesting materials they come across. You can help them settle in by placing a handful of hay or dried leaves in the hedgehog house.

If you want to lay out food for the hedgehogs – meaty cat and dog food will do the trick (but avoid dairy as they're lactose intolerant!) – it's best to keep it separate from their house, as they prefer to eat and sleep in different areas. This also prevents you from disturbing them too.

Check out our British hedgehog guide for lots of handy tips on how you can help hedgehogs.

Best hedgehog houses for 2023

Riverside Woodcraft Hedgehog House

RIverside Woodcraft hwooden Hedgehog House with waterproof roof on garden lawn with trees in background

This handmade hedgehog house has a resin-bonded floor, so it's one to consider if you'd like to create a dry and draft-free environment for your garden hedgehogs. If you're worried about mould and rot, this pick from Riverside Woodcraft has an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial coating which should help to protect the wood.

There's also a weatherproof insulated roof, as well as a tunnel entrance to prevent uninvited predators, including badgers, foxes and pets, from entering. It's a well-thought-out design that's been made with hedgehog safety and warmth in mind!

More like this

Gardman Hedgehog House

Garden woven wicker hedgehog house shaped like an igloo

This hedgehog house allows you to create a leafy haven for hedgehogs looking for shelter. You could cover the wicker design in leaves and twigs, as hedgehogs thrive in messy, unkempt outdoor areas where they can find food and meet other hedgehogs. It'll slot into your garden with ease thanks to its natural look.

It's best to place igloo-shaped designs in dry and sheltered areas to prevent flooding. So if your garden doesn't cope well during a wet spell, and it's prone to flooding, a wooden box design would perhaps be more suitable as they're more reliable in bad weather. With igloo designs, it's also worth checking the safety of the mesh design to ensure hedgehogs don't get their prickles caught.

National Trust Luxury Pine Hedgehog House

With a narrow tunnel entrance-way which prevents predators from gaining access, this solid wooden hedgehog house from the National Trust is made from FSC-certified pine and designed to last. The wooden floor is slightly raised off the floor to help provide extra warmth and it provides a safe place for hedgehogs to hibernate.

It measures 39.5cm in length by 38cm width with a height of 31cm making it an ideal choice for small gardens.

Dobies Hedgehog and Wildlife Dwelling

Stone hedgehog house

If you're happy to splash out, and you're looking for something a little more extravagant, this lovely option from Dobies could do the trick! It's made from reconstituted stone, and weighs 30kg, so it should be a sturdy and hardy choice. It arrives in two parts and there are little 'welcome' and 'sweet dreams' signs, making this an endearing garden accessory as well as a safe space for hedgehogs to find refuge.

Just pop some straw and leaves inside to help them get started, and you're all set up. Be careful if placing this garden feature near a pond. It's important to ensure there's a way for hedgehogs to get out of a pond - whether that's a homemade ramp or ladder – to prevent them from drowning.

Igloo Hedgehog House

A garden can be a dangerous place for hedgehogs, with the worry of bonfires, pets and garden equipment, so this rattan hideout could provide some much needed shelter. This rustic choice is made of wicker, and should be placed in a dry and sheltered area in case of flooding.

This hedgehog house features a steel frame, and waterproof roof so it should offer a certain degree of protection during a wet and windy evening. It measures 53 x 59 x 22cm in size, and it features a moss trim giving it a camouflaged look.

CJ Wildlife Eco-Plate Hedgehog House

Green eco plate hedgehog house

If you're looking for something with a bit more structure, this hedgehog house is made of eco-plate - a material made from recycled car seats - making it a durable and weather resistant option. Designed in collaboration with the Dutch Hedgehog protection society, it features a removable lid, and a 36cm entrance tunnel so hedgehogs can stay clear of predators.

It's a large design at 35 x 60 x 46cm, leaving plenty of room for hedgehogs to build a toasty nest.

Hogilo Hedgehog Home

Green hedgehog house

Made from recycled plastic and FSC wood, this hedgehog home features an internal tunnel to keep hedgehogs safe. Internal tunnels are also useful for keeping out drafts to allow for a cosy nest.

If you want to clean the box when it's empty, you can access the inside of the hedgehog house using the lift and twist lid. This unique design also features built-in air ventilation, and it's suitable for nursing, nesting and hibernation, making it a solid all-year-round home.

RSPB Silhouette Hedgehog Home

RSPB Silhouette Hedgehog Home

This is a very professional looking hedgehog house which features a concealed internal entrance in order to keep the hedgehogs safe from predators. It's designed to keep hedgehogs warm in the winter, and there's also ventilation holes to improve air flow. It also has a little hedgehog picture carved on the side which is a nice touch!

Whether your garden visitors are looking for a nest site, a rain shelter or a space to hibernate, this hedgehog home is likely to come in handy.

How to choose a hedgehog house

Even the smallest urban garden can provide a haven for hedgehogs and other wildlife, but when it comes to choosing the best hedgehog house there are several important factors to consider.

Hedgehog by fence. Credit Phillip Horwood

The style, materials used, and price of hedgehog houses varies considerably, so how do you choose the best one?

These are a couple of key points to consider:

  • Durability: Your hedgehog house needs to survive in all weathers, so if materials used aren’t durable enough to withstand the elements it won’t last very long. Look for a good quality house made from weather-proof materials and a water-proof roof that can be easily treated or repaired.
  • Protection from predators: It is essential that the house provides your garden hedgehogs with protection from predators. The safest hedgehog houses will have a small entrance or tunnel that can’t be accessed by predators such as foxes, badgers, and cats.
  • Size: Choose a large enough house for a hedgehog to build a nest and hibernate. Too small and it is unlikely a family of hedgehogs will settle.
  • A waterproof roof: Hedgehogs prefer a dry habitat so choose a house with water-proof roof that be treated or repaired easily. Some houses have pitched roofs which make it easier for rain or water to slide off.
  • Easy to clean: Keeping your hedgehog house clean is important for the health of your spiky garden visitors. A house will a removable roof makes this task easier, but just make sure it has a security latch so no inquisitive predator doesn’t gain access.

Where to put a hedgehog house

Hedgehogs like a safe, warm, quiet spot to hibernate, so choose a peaceful area of your garden to place your house where a sleeping hog won't be disturbed. If possible stand it in a corner where some natural cover is offered, such tree or plant cover.

What to put in a hedgehog house

Hedgehogs love to forage and will collect leaves and twigs to build their nests so an untidy spot in the garden is likely to be popular. No need to furnish the house as this is something your resident hedgehog will do quite happily! It is a good idea to clean the house after hibernation with warm, soapy water and leave it to air dry before placing back in position for the next season. Never disturb a hedgehog during hibernation.


What food will attract hedgehogs?

Autumn and early winter is an important time to leave out food for hedgehogs as eating well will help them survive in the depths of winter. Leave out crushed dog or cat biscuits or tinned food or you could buy hedgehog specific food, such as Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food from Amazon.


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