The best bird nest webcams on the internet

Get up close and personal with our ten favourite bird's nest webcams. Spot barn owls, baby blackbirds, peregrines and more at different times of year. 

Gloucestershire floods


Spring Watch


Each year Spring Watch has a live webcam watching over a new nest of blackbirds in Ynys-Hir. You can also spot other wildlife on their other webcams every summer as well as reading daily progress updates. 

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Atlantic puffin portrait


The RSPB offers the latest comings and goings at some of their feeders and reserves, with a wide variety of webcams watching birds of prey and other wildlife.
In spring watch the Sumburgh Head puffin cam, where you can see inside one of the puffin’s nests on the cliffs of Shetland. In summer and early autumn you can monitor peregrines and goshawks and in winter check out resident bluetits and woodpeckers. 

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Rutland ospreys

Rutland water is now in its nineteenth year of homing ospreys, and is home to the first ospreys to breed in England for 150 years after a translocation programme. The wildlife trust observes them from their arrival from Africa in spring, through to their autumn migration. Watch the ospreys nesting live daily and check the news area of the site for the latest developments around the reserve.

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New Forest Gateway

New Forest Gateway is a great place to visit for information and live webcams of local British birds. They have wildlife cameras streaming all year, so there’s always something to watch out for. Last spring the star of the show was a female goshawk, and visitors could see the progress of her three eggs as they hatched live on camera. 

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Nature Watch

Nature watch have cameras set up in three bird boxes, at a bird table and at various feeders, recording all of the action from a household garden in Essex. In spring watch live footage of blue tit, sparrows and robins in their nests and check saved footage of the best moments. 

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Scottish Wildlife Trust

The Scottish Wildlife Trust has high-quality wildlife webcams located throughout Scotland; you can catch a glimpse of the ospreys at Loch of the Lowes, breeding peregrines at Falls of Clyde and terns at Montrose Basin. 

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Norwich Cathedral

In 2011 the Hawk and Owl Trust started working in partnership with Norwich Cathedral by setting up a nesting platform and two webcams to help peregrine falcons, and each spring the peregrines return to lay their eggs live on camera. 

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Derby peregrines

Peregrine falcons really like cathedrals! These beautiful birds first nested on Derby’s Cathedral in 2006. The Peregrine Project shows liv footage and records the latest falcon activity. 

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Dorset wildlife trust

Dorset Wildlife Trust have set up two webcams in spots in Dorset where lucky viewers can see a beautiful male barn owl and a group of kestrels in summer, and watch migrant birds on Brownsea island in winter. 

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Two Gentoo penguins walking

Edinburgh Zoo

Fancy watching something slightly more exotic? Edinburgh zoo has two penguin cameras installed, one above and one below the water. The gorgeous resident Gentoo penguins even inspired Monty the penguin of John Lewis’ Christmas advert fame. 


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