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Best vegan Easter eggs for 2022

With so many vegan Easter eggs on the market, it’s easy to make ethical food choices when you’re in need of a sweet treat. Here are some of the best on the market in 2022.

A selection of vegan Easter eggs on a white background
Published: March 22nd, 2022 at 11:01 am

As more and more of us turn to plant-based foods, the market for vegan Easter eggs is growing. While many dark chocolate treats are inherently vegan, manufacturers have found ways to recreate some of our other favourite Easter snacks without using animal products. Many of these have sustainable packaging included – either recyclable or compostable – and we've flagged up whether or not each egg lists palm oil as an ingredient.


The good news? You won’t be missing out on exciting flavours or fun designs if you opt for a vegan Easter egg, as there’s a huge selection of innovative and unusual creations available. 

The best vegan Easter eggs you can buy online

Cox & Co. Cacao with Honey and Bee Pollen Easter Egg

Best for unusual flavours

Palm oil: No

Packaging: Biodegradable card, vegetable-based inks and compostable film bags made from responsibly sourced wood pulp

Cox & Co. Cacao with Honey and Bee Pollen Easter Egg box

Cox & Co. is a great brand to consider for vegan Easter eggs. Not only do its products arrive in beautiful, illustrated packaging, but they also have some unusual flavour combinations made with a selection of tasty superfoods. 

This egg combines 61% cacao chocolate with honey and bee pollen for a touch of sweetness. Other versions in the range include ‘miso caramel’ and ‘mint crunch’.

Hotel Chocolat 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Best design

Palm oil: No

Packaging: Recyclable card box

Hotel Chocolat 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with box

For fun design, you can’t get much better than this beauty from Hotel Chocolat. The luxury brand has created this eye-catching egg by ‘splattering’ its creamy dark chocolate base with coloured white chocolate. 

As with all Hotel Chocolat’s tasty treats, this vegan Easter egg is made with quality ingredients, including natural cocoa butter. It’s also a great choice for a gift, as you can add a message and gift box at the checkout. 

Montezuma’s Milk Chocolate Lucky chick with buttons

Best for kids

Palm oil: No

Packaging: Recyclable and compostable paper and card

Montezuma's Lucky Chick Vegan Milk Chocolate with Buttons

Montezuma’s began when married lawyers Helen and Simon returned from South America in 1999. They decided to recreate the flavours they’d sampled while travelling, using organic, vegan and ethically produced ingredients. 

This is Montezuma’s ‘Lucky’, a hollow chick made with creamy chocolate and filled with bite-sized buttons. It’s a fun design, perfect for young children. 

As the brand works with the charities Children On The Edge (COTE) and Pennies, your purchase will help support great causes. 

Green & Blacks Dark Easter Egg with Bars

Best organic choice

Palm oil: No

Packaging: Recyclable FSC-certified card box 

Green & Blacks Dark Easter Egg with Bars in box

Green & Blacks is another customer favourite when it comes to Easter eggs. This one is made with 70% Fairtrade dark chocolate, certified organic by the Soil Association. 

Along with the delicious egg, you’ll get two 90g bars of dark chocolate, one of which has a hint of ginger. 

NOMO Caramel & Sea Salt Egg & Bar

Best salted caramel Easter egg

Palm oil: No

Packaging: Recyclable card box

NOMO Caramel & Sea Salt Egg & Bar box

Driven by the aim of eliminating FOMO (fear of missing out) for vegans and allergy sufferers, this brand has labelled itself NOMO (no missing out). 

The business has created a wide range of delicious vegan and ‘free from’ chocolates, without dairy, gluten, egg or nuts. Plus, its cocoa is Rainforest Alliance certified. 

NOMO makes all of its delicious vegan chocolates here in the UK in its Norfolk factory. We love this caramel and sea salt egg, and there are lots of other versions to choose from in the brand’s Easter range, including ‘fruit’ and ‘cookie crunch’.

Hotel Chocolat Dark Mint Chocolate Easter Egg

Most unusual design

Palm oil: No

Packaging: 100% recyclable 

Hotel Chocolat Dark Mint Chocolate Easter Egg

We couldn’t resist including another Hotel Chocolat Easter egg in our list - with so many unique designs in the brand’s catalogue, it’s hard to choose just one. This is the retailer’s dark mint chocolate egg, made with 70% cocoa and infused with Tasmanian peppermint oil for authentic flavour. 

In creating the unusual geometric design, Hotel Chocolat’s in-house sculptress took inspiration from London’s Tate Modern. The casing allows for a thick chocolate shell, which shines in the light, while cocoa butter gives it a silky texture. 

Cocoa Loco Giant Bakewell Cherry & Almond Egg

Best fruit and nut Easter egg

Palm oil: No

Packaging: Recyclable paper and card, compostable cellulose 

Cocoa Loco Giant Bakewell Cherry & Almond Egg

Here’s a vegan Easter egg big enough to keep you busy for a while. It weighs a huge 1.25kg, thanks to its thick shell and collection of dark chocolate buttons hidden inside. 

This egg is perfect for fans of fruit and nut chocolate, as it’s finished with delicious blanched almonds and sour cherries. The sweet treat is handmade from Fairtrade ingredients in Horsham, West Sussex, where the kitchen produces just one household bin of waste per week. 

To minimise disruption to natural habitats, Cocoa Loco uses chocolate grown in gaps in the forest canopy rather than cleared areas. 

M&S Single Origin Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Best supermarket Easter egg

Palm oil: Not specified 

Packaging: Recyclable box and insert

M&S Single Origin Dark Chocolate Easter Egg and box on a table

You can usually rely on M&S to produce some luxurious treats around Easter, like this beautifully packaged egg. The chocolate is made with 85% Colombian cocoa, which has hints of floral and fruity flavours. 

Inside the vegan Easter egg, you’ll find a stash of dark ganache truffles, finished with a dusting of cocoa powder. 

If you’re sending this egg as a gift, add your own message at the checkout for a personal touch. 

Booja Booja chocolate champagne truffles Easter egg

Best packaging

Palm oil: No

Packaging: Reusable 

Booja Booja chocolate champagne truffles Easter eggs with ribbon decoration, and opened box with truffles inside

The appeal of this Easter egg lies as much in the beautiful box as it does in the chocolate. Hand-painted by artists in Kashmir, each egg is unique - and with its intricate decoration, it’s a container you’ll want to hold onto for years to come. Use it to store fresh chocolates every Easter, or to keep precious objects safe all year round. 

Hidden inside, you’ll find British brand Booja Booja’s signature champagne truffles, containing at least 55% cocoa solids. They’re completely free from dairy, gluten and soya, and they’re organic too.

Handmade chocolate-coated hazelnuts and almonds

Best miniature Easter eggs

Palm oil: No

Packaging: PS recycling code - not suitable for kerbside pick-up 

Handmade Vegan Chocolate Coated Hazelnut And Almonds in a clear plastic box

Now for something a little different – not a giant egg, but lots of small ones, finished with sweet pastel-coloured casings. They’re individual almonds and hazelnuts, inside two layers of vegan chocolate: one white and one dark. 

As well as being suitable for vegans, these Italian sweet treats are gluten-free and contain only natural colours and flavourings. 


The clear packaging falls under the PS recycling code, so it isn’t widely available for kerb-side pick-up.


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