Best horse riding beaches in the UK

Surely nothing is more invigorating than whipping up the sands as you gallop across stunning British shores. We explore the best five beaches in Britain for equestrian fun.

Horse riding on beach, Wales, UK

Our top five guide to the best horse-riding beaches in Britain 

1. Studland Beach, Dorset

Studland Beach in Dorset offers three miles of sandy beaches and dunes for horse riders to enjoy. Ride along the clifftop overlooking the fabulous Dorset coastline and explore the beach around Old Harry Rocks.


2. Holy Island, Northumberland

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne offers horse riders a vast expanse white sand, with a backdrop of Lindisfarne Castle. Whiles riding along the beach, look out for seabirds and seals off the island. End the day with a dip in the North Sea – even if it is rather cold!

Horse riding on beach
Horse riding on the beach ©Getty

3. Druidston Haven, Pembrokeshire

This hidden and completely unspoilt beach offers horse riders seclusion and beauty. The sea at Druidstone Haven is particularly clean and is perfect for a swim after a long ride. A mile of sand is available when the tide is out.

4. Holkham Bay, Norfolk

This beach is incredibly appealing for horse riders as its golden sands stretch for miles, allowing a good gallop up the beach. Previously named British beach of the week by The Telegraph, it offers solitude and a variety of wildlife and birds.

5. Kennack Sands, Cornwall

With a history of shipwrecks, Kennack Sands is an intriguing and appealing beach for horse riders. Located at the top of the Lizard Peninsula, it is a lovely golden-sand beach, with excellent clean water for having a bathe in after your ride.