Britain’s most haunted places

From Dracula's haunt to the City of the dead, here's our pick of the most haunted places for you to discover - if you dare - this halloween

Whitby Abbey at sunset

Disclaimer: Only for the Brave.


Daring ghost hunters and ghoul chasers can test their nerves this halloween at these nine spooky and fantastical dwellings


Whitby Abbey and St Mary’s Church, North Yorkshire

whitbyabbyGettyImages-125347040-4ddc805 Whitby Abbey
Discover the mysteries of Whitby Abbey…if you dare! Credit: Getty

A cold wind blows in the fishing village of Whitby. Said to be home to over twelve different sinister specters, this town is not for the faint hearted. Dare you look into the Abbeys well at midnight?  If your heart is pure, the face of St Hilda will appear in the water, but if not beware for the Devil will take you away with him. St Mary’s Church presides on the top of the cliff in the shadow of the Abbey; a phantom hearse with four headless horses and a headless driver can be seen to stop in front of the church then race along the cliff before plunging over the edge into the sea. These gothic structures once the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula stand forebodingly over the town.

Halloween pumpkin


Pendle Hill, Lancashire

A view of Pendle Hill/Credit: Getty

If witchcraft and wizardry is where your interests lie, then look no further for the most famous witches in Britain. Keen walkers can brave the trail left behind by the Pendle witches through the beautifully sombre Lancashire countryside of the Pendle hills to their site of execution. They are said to still roam the hills and nearby village, so keep your eyes peeled for any magical activity or ghostly manifestations.


Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

Ram Inn
The ancient Ram Inn in Gloucester is reputed to be one of the most haunted buildings in England (Photo by: Ray Bird via Geograph)

For a truly haunting experience, Ram Inn is the place to visit. With guided ghost hunts throughout the year, the building is sure to surprise and terrify. Built on the intersection of two ley lines that can be traced all the way to Stonehenge, this decrepit old building is rife with paranormal activity. The legend goes that Stonehenge has energy, which travels through the ley lines to feed the supernatural power found in the ancient Inn. The complex history is rife with tales of burning witches, monks, a Centurian on horseback, real evidence of Devil worship and ritual sacrifice and even rumour that a pagan burial site resided in that exact location over 5,000 years ago. Not recommended for children, this one is only for the truly brave among you.

The Tower of London at Night
The central tower of the Tower of London was built in the 11th century (Photo by: Will Brasil 21 via Getty Images)

For those who prefer their spectors a tad more regal, a trip to The Tower of London is a must. Royal and noble ghosts are said to roam the towers where they died. Try and spot the rare ghost of a grizzly bear that is said to have appeared years ago by the Martin Tower, scaring a guard to his untimely death.  As you tread the staircase of The Bloody Tower be careful not to walk straight through the ethereal spirits of the two Princes as they glide down the staircase in the same white nightshirts they were murdered in. An interactive experience that can be enjoyed by all the family with exhibitions and activities for all ages.


Glasgow Necropolis, Glasgow

Glasgow Necropolis @Getty

Although roaming around a graveyard is not everybody’s first choice of recreational activity, this one is not to be missed. Glasgow’s interdenominational burial site is spread over 35 acres of land and is nicknamed The City of the Dead. In the 1950’s an urban myth spread quickly through the surrounding villages of a vampire with iron teeth, ans local children came in the hundreds to patrol the area in search of the beast. For those braving the graveyard at night, perchance you’ll see the ghostly white lady seen floating through the cemetery in the late hours.


Muncaster Castle, Cumbria

Muncaster Castle @Getty

For some real life trick-or-treating join Tom Fool, the jester of Muncaster Castle, who roam the hallways in search of people to play tricks on, and explore the gruesome past that lead him to be trapped in purgatory. Or perhaps you would prefer to stay overnight in the tapestry room and hear for yourself the cries of the sick children in the old nursery and soothing sounds of infamous singing woman

Jamaica Inn @Getty

Infamous for its smuggler and pirate regulars, this haunted Inn is home to many spectoral sights and sounds. Investigations have repeatedly been made into the sound of footsteps in the Smugglers Bar, possibly of a man murdered and left on the moors, returning for the last half of his pint of ale. Have lunch, a drink or if you dare, even stay the night in one of the haunted rooms and see what you come across. If your interest lies in the history of the Inn and the scurvy sea dogs that haunt it, make sure to visit the museum.

South Bridge Vaults/Credit: Lonely Planet/Getty

A lost city under the South Bridge in old Edinburgh, the locals believed it was cursed from the start because the first person to cross the bridge was carried over in a coffin. Once thriving and full of life, houses, shops and Inns, the city became dank and derrelict over the years. Take a walk down Damnation Alley, where the malicious presence of the South Bridge Entity has been seen lurking. When the vaults were abandoned, criminals, body snatchers and witches moved in, so take a tour and hear the tales of gore and witness an authentic witchcraft temple.

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland, credit Getty

The aptly named Chillingham Castle is rumoured to be one of the most haunted castles in Britain. Presided over by an array of spectres, this historic building is a must. Watch out for the white pantry ghost, military spirits, floating orbs and lights and much more. Visitors have reported feeling friendly invisible hands taking their own and many recount experiences as unfrightening. For the intrigued but nervous, this handsome castle is a great place to start your ghost hunting.