Blisters can start as a minor annoyance, but often become increasingly painful if left untreated. A blister can even result in infection if they burst so it is wise to act quickly if you feel a blister coming on.


Without the right supplies, you could end up struggling to continue your walk. But by packing a simple blister kit, you’ll be able to treat wounds on the trail – and even prevent them before they appear, saving yourself a lot of pain and hassle in the long run.

How to avoid blisters

Before we list our favourite plasters, here are some tips for preventing painful blisters when walking...

  • Apply Vaseline to reduce friction in areas where blisters might form
  • Be sure to wear a good pair of socks, or double up with two pairs – see our guide to the best walking socks you can buy
  • Keep your feet dry– take off your shoes during breaks to give your feet a chance to dry and change into a pair of fresh socks if necessary
  • Break in new shoes by wearing them on short walks first and building up distance

Best blister plasters to buy

Compeed Blister Plasters

Compeed Medium Size Blister Plasters on a blue background

Think of blister plasters and the brand Compeed probably comes to mind. It’s arguably the most well-known and trusted option out there for walkers – or anyone in need of a quick solution to a painful blister.

This pack includes a range of plasters in different sizes, each designed for a different part of the foot.

Compeed uses hydrocolloid particles in all its blister plasters to absorb fluid from across the wound and preserve the best level of moisture for quick healing. Then, the plaster swells to protect the blister from further irritation.

More like this

Compeed has designed these plasters to act as a ‘second skin’ and they should stay put for several days, thanks to their sticky underside and bevelled edges.

Scholl Mixed Blister Plasters

Scholl Mixed Blister Plasters on a blue background

Another familiar brand is Scholl. This multi-pack contains five dressings: two large, two for toes and one small.

Scholl’s breathable plasters are designed to keep wounds hydrated for fast healing, and should stay in place for up to a week. They’re also 100% waterproof, so you can wear them during showers and swimming sessions without having to replace them afterwards.

For comfort, the plasters have a soft gel pad to provide relief for existing blisters and stop new ones from forming.

Lifesystems Blister First Aid Kit

Lifesystems Blister Kit on a blue background

Lifesystems is one of our go-to brands for reliable outdoor accessories and survival gear. Its comprehensive blister kit is endorsed by the DofE award scheme, so you can rely on it for multi-day treks and camping trips.

Alongside a selection of five blister plasters, you’ll get standard plasters, two dressings and two hygienic cleansing wipes, as well as a blister stick to prevent irritation before it even occurs.

Be sure to pack this handy kit if you’re heading out on a camping trip or going to a festival.

RockTape Blister Kit

RockTape Blister Kit on a blue background

RockTape may be best known for its popular kinesiology tape, but it also sells high-quality blister plasters.

Unlike lots of other blister plasters out there, these ones don’t have cushioning pads. Instead, you’ll get 14 pre-cut strips of kinesiology tape, designed to reduce friction from your shoes and treat blisters in their early stages.

This pack contains some of the best blister plasters for wounds across the body, as you can apply the tape to your hands, shoulders and hips, as well as your feet. As the plasters sit so close to the skin, they should stay put under your clothing for days.

What’s more, the material is water-resistant, stretchy and completely free from latex and zinc.

Adventure Medical Kits Moleskin Pre-Cut Blister Dressings

Adventure Medical Kits Moleskin Pre-Cut Blister Dressings on a blue background

If you’re after an inexpensive pack to help you avoid blisters on an upcoming trip, choose these Moleskin dressings. They’re thin, pre-cut strips of tape without any cushioning, so they work well as a preventative measure before irritation occurs. Apply them to areas where there’s a high chance of developing blisters before you start walking.

The pack includes 22 pre-shaped blister plasters in five designs to suit different body parts. You’ll also get alcohol wipes to clean and sanitise the area before applying the sticky strips.

Forclaz Anti-Blister Plasters

Forclaz Anti-Blister Plasters on a blue background

For another cost-effective option, try these anti-blister plasters from Forclaz, available at Decathlon. They work best when used as a preventative measure, applied before blisters fully appear. Your skin should be healthy and dry when you stick on these dressings.

It’s worth keeping a few of these Forclaz blister plasters in your bag if you’re heading out on a long hike or playing sports.

LloydsPharmacy Advanced Blister Treatment Dressings

LloydsPharmacy Advanced Blister Treatment Dressings on a blue background

Most good pharmacies sell blister plasters in some form, but Lloyds Pharmacy has created its own line of dressings. This pack comes with four coverings, all of which use hydrocolloid technology to help blisters heal quickly.


They’re clear so they’ll be discreet, no matter your skin tone, and they’re waterproof to make showering and swimming hassle-free.


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