If you’re completely new to the concept of Canicross it’s basically the sport of running cross country with your dog. With the help of a specifically supported harness and a special lead you can jog hands-free, allowing you to exercise with your furry friend by your side. This should keep your pet healthy and happy, and give you that extra bit of momentum when you need it.


The right harness can also be used for less intense activities like hiking or even leisurely walks, giving your dog just enough freedom to explore the surrounding area while making sure they’re always safely within reach.

Whether you're a keen Canicrosser already or someone who simply wants to be more active with their dog, we’ve rounded up a variety of harnesses that are designed to keep you moving in tandem and should fit a variety of breeds.

Best Canicross harnesses to buy in 2023

Neewa Sled Pro Harness

Neewa Sled Pro Harness on white background

These harnesses have been designed for a wide range of dog activities including running with your pet, as well as both skijoring (riding with your dog on skis) and dogjoring (cycling powered by your pooch) if you're feeling particularly adventurous. This means this harness would be ideal for larger breeds like a husky.

It has an x shaped design to support the pet and keep them snugly inside, and is made with lightweight, breathable and nonallergenic material to keep them comfortable while you're both on the move.

Available in a variety of colours that range from red, blue and lemon tree, they also feature a reflective strip for added visibility, helping to protect you, your pet and those around you in low light.

IceDogZooshop Harness

IceDogZooshop harness

This versatile harness can be used for a variety of activities with your dog but most importantly supports Canicrossing and regular dog walking, so you don't have to swap out your leads when switching between activities.

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These are available in a "standard" size which suggests a medium sized dog, however a harness can also be made to specific measurements upon request.

There are plenty of colours in this collection that should complement your dog, ranging from subtle tones like black or grey, to orange and green if you'd prefer to stand out.

Buy the IceDogZooshop harness now from Etsy

Long Hauler Cradle Back Joring Harness

Long Hauler harness on white background

Whether you plan to be pulled along while running, or supported by your pet while wearing skates or skis, this long hauler harness has an x shaped design which should make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable for your dog as possible.

The harness also has an overhead entry for your pet to keep them fully secure, with the leash attachment placed at the back. Additionally there's a handle on the top for extra, short control, with buckles on the sides to keep everything in place.

The fabric is made from RipStop which should be durable, and any mud splashes during your daily exercise can be easily sorted on a gentle machine wash, though bear in mind this item should be air dried.

Buy Long Hauler Cradle Back Joring Harness now from Kurgo

BARKBABY No Pull Dog Harness

BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness on white background

Ideal for running, or more gentle activities like walking and hiking, this harness is available in four sizes that include small to extra large, which means it should suit a variety of different dog breeds.

Stay in control as you move at speed without causing discomfort to your dog thanks to the rip-nylon and anti-chafe padding which aims to prevent any pulling and choking.

It has a top handle for extra control, which is also handy if you need to lift your dog (depending on the size of course) and the body of the harness has reflective sections for added safety in low light and built-up areas.

Zero DC Short Canicross Harness

Zero DC Short Canicross Harness on white background

An entry-level harness, this would suit medium to small sized dogs so they can safely join you on your regular runs. They are also available in a larger size if you have a bigger breed that's not likely to pull at the lead.

DogFit has a useful measuring chart that lets you know which size would work best for your pet's measurements and there’s plenty of choice in the colour and design, with a number of bright options that feature reflective stitching for added visibility.

Buy Zero DC Short Canicross Harness now from DogFit

Freemotion Harness

Freemotion canicross harness on white background

It's important to make sure your dog is comfortable and safe while exercising, which is why Non-stop have designed their freemotion harness to have minimal breath constraint.

They say their harness has been put through its paces during a development and testing stage using Canicross dogs, and are now available in a number of sizes so they should suit most breeds.

The materials inside the harness are overlapping to make sure there are no hard edges that can cause any discomfort, and the same goes for the seams which are smooth in the areas that are likely to come in contact with the dog's fur.

Buy Freemotion harness now from Non-stop dogwear

Journey Air Dog Harness

Journey Air Dog Harness on white background

Suitable for a variety of breeds with sizes that extend from extra small to extra large, this harness has an athletic fit design for dogs that like to put on a pace, or just want to feel secure on a casual hike.

The front of the harness has a deep v neck that should keep their shoulders free and stop them feeling restricted while still keeping them secure. There's plenty of padding throughout for added comfort that aims to cut down on any strain the exercise may cause, and the inner mesh is made from a breathable fabric to stop your pup overheating.

Made with aluminium for added durability this is still a lightweight option, with quick release buckles if you need to remove the harness in a hurry.

DogFit Canicross Starter Kit

DogFit canicross starter pack

If you're completely new to Canicross you may want to invest in this handy starter pack so you can start running alongside (or most likely behind) your dog in no time.

As well as a DogFit harness this beginner's kit includes a running belt for yourself, and a two metre bungee line that connects you to your dog. This should give them plenty of room to stretch out and run at their own pace without letting them get too far ahead of you.


The belt features a small pocket so you can safely store your phone or keys, helping you to place all your focus on the path and pooch in front of you.


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