If you’re a keen caravanner, it’s worth considering the various accessories you can buy to make your life easier when you’re on the road. Awnings can make a big difference, not only to the amount of space you have, but to your daily lifestyle during holidays.


With extra space to relax, socialise and store your belongings, protected from the elements, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday that little bit more.

When choosing an awning, always check the fixing height and securing mechanism to make sure you’ll be able to attach it to your caravan, campervan or motorhome. You may also want to look out for handy extra features like curtains and mesh insect screens on the windows, single-point inflation systems and high-vis guy ropes.

The best caravan awnings to take on your travels

Sunncamp Swift 325 Deluxe

Sunncamp Swift 325 Deluxe in a field

Sitting alongside the Swift 220 and the Swift 260, this durable awning is part of a collection designed to cater to almost every caravan on the market. The Swift 235 is suitable for vehicles between 235 and 250cm in height, and gives you an extra 325 x 240cm of floorspace.

Once packed up, the awning measures 79cm x 24cm and weighs 7.7kg, so it should easily slide into car boots.

As for the design, you’ll get a smart blue-toned structure, stabilised with lightweight steel and fibreglass poles. If you buy extra supports, you can open up the front door to create a canopy - perfect for warm summer evenings. There are curtains too, which you can add if you want some extra privacy.

Kampa Rally 390 Caravan Porch Awning

Kampa Rally 390 Caravan Porch Awning on a white background

Kampa Dometic is another well-regarded brand with a selection of practical caravan awnings. The Rally is available in a range of sizes, from the relatively compact 200, 260 and 330, all the way up to the large 390.

Like all the best caravan awnings, the Kampa Rally comes with adjustable upright poles, which you can extend or compress if you’re on uneven ground.

The makers have also replaced the steel poles originally included in the Kampa Rally awnings with an aluminium structure, which is much lighter and resistant to rust.

Symple Stuff Caravan Patio Awning

Symple Stuff Caravan Patio Awning on a caravan

If you’re just after a cover to provide shade or rain protection, this awning could be right for you. Slotting onto caravan or trailer rails, this option attaches to most vehicles and is quick and simple to install. You can also use the metal eyelets to secure it in place.

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When you’re ready to leave, just remove the guy ropes, roll up the awning and attach it back onto the trailer using the fixing loops.

Dometic Rally Air Pro 260 S Caravan Awning

Dometic Rally Air Pro 260 S Caravan Awning on a white background

Choose the Dometic Rally Air Pro for a number of special features. It comes with lightweight yet robust Weathershield Pro fabric for protection against the elements, and in-built mesh fly screen panels to keep out pests.

There’s also apex ventilation to reduce condensation and stuffiness. And by adding the compatible Sabrelink lighting system, you can create a cosy atmosphere in the evenings and avoid carrying around torches and lanterns.

Other useful features include the flexible fit to suit vehicles between 235 and 265cm tall, the privacy curtains and the QuickPitch guying system. We also love the single inflation point, which should help you set up the awning in under 20 minutes.

Want to save money on your next caravan awning? You can find second-hand awnings on Preloved for a fraction of their original price. Just click on the link to start browsing high-quality designs!

Isabella Shadow 360 Sun Canopy

Isabella Shadow 360 Sun Canopy in a field

For a quick and simple solution, try the Isabella Shadow canopy. Using the Typhoon storm securing set, sturdy poles and metal rings, you can create a durable shelter from the elements.

For everyday use, just mount the fabric on your caravan rail. When you want extra protection, you can use it as a side canopy on a full awning by attaching it to the harlequin strip. You can also buy sides and a front netting for blustery days.

The canopy itself is 2.4m x 2m, so it’s ideal for weekend trips or small caravans.

Sunncamp Dash Air 260 SC Caravan Awning

Sunncamp Dash Air 260 SC Caravan Awning in a field

We’ve already listed the Suncamp Swift 325 Deluxe; this is a slightly smaller caravan awning from the same brand. It gives you 260 x 240cm of floor space, but the entire shelter packs down into a carry bag just 64 x 29cm.

This is a versatile option, as you can increase its size by adding sun canopies on either side.

Choose this awning for its large windows and three doors. Just roll up the main entranceway with the fabric tags or stretch it out as a canopy using extra poles. All in all, it should take under 30 minutes to pitch the awning.

Dometic Club Air Pro 390 S Caravan Awning

Dometic Club Air Pro 390 S Caravan Awning on a white background

Offering an extra 390 x 275cm of floor space, this smart awning is a great choice for lengthy holidays or large family trips. You can attach it to caravans and small motorhomes between 235 and 265cm in height using the versatile attachment fixtures.

The awning is made from resilient Weathershield Pro fabric and should take under 20 minutes to erect, thanks to the single inflation point and QuickPitch guying system.

The mesh insect window screens, zip-out panels and roof skylights also make this a practical option for caravanning trips. As a useful added extra, the awning is also compatible with the Sabrelink lighting system, which should help you create a cosy atmosphere when night falls.

Blue Diamond Key West Drive Away Awning

Blue Diamond Key West Drive Away Awning with campervan and family in countryside

Ideal for low campervans, this high-quality awning fits vehicles between 180 and 240cm in height. Choose this model for its protective front eyebrow canopy and zip-up divider door separating the porch from the living area.

This is one of the best caravan awnings for quick set-up as well, as it has single-point inflation to save faffing, and a sewn-in groundsheet on the inside.


Clip-on curtains, mesh bug panels and high-vis guy ropes make this a practical bit of kit for campervan holidays.


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