O is for Offline – mindfulness in nature

How can time away from screens help improve your physical and mental wellbeing?

Hiking in the rain
Published: March 3rd, 2019 at 9:24 am
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How can spending time away from your electronic devices improve your physical and mental health?

A recent survey revealed that the average Brit spends more than one day online every week.


Continue at this rate and a child born in 2019 who lives to 80 will assign 12 years of their life to phones, tablets and laptops.

O is for Offline: mindfulness in nature
O is for Offline: mindfulness in nature @Lynn Hatzius

Most of us spend too much time online, the internet dictating our days, and while there are positives to this technology, there are well-researched snares, not least anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, eye damage and posture problems.

Nordic walking

Being offline, even just for a short while, is good for our wellbeing.

Sunset on the South West Coast Path, Cornwall
Watching the sun go down natureon the South West Coast Path, Cornwall ©Jake Graham

Next time you go for a walk, leave your phone behind; look at the sunlight filtering through the trees. When you go to bed, switch off your device and read a book. Next time you’re waiting for a bus, refrain from scrolling your social media feeds; instead, watch the birds and listen to the rain.


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