N is for Night Walking - mindfulness in nature

Step out into the darkness and learn how being outdoors at night can improve your physical and mental wellbeing

Night walking ©Getty
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How can night walking help with your physical and mental wellbeing?

When the winter sun goes down, some strange spell binds us to the house.

N is for Nightwalking - mindfulness in nature @Lynn Hatzius
N is for Night Walking - mindfulness in nature @Lynn Hatzius

The nocturnal countryside, we think, is for the owls; we shiver at the thought and draw closer to the fire. And yet, for intrepid explorers willing to break the taboo, the night is a magical world.

When the moon is full, this secret landscape glows with an eerie sense of the eternal. It’s like walking into your dreams.


Ridges and hilltops make good night walking, the open sky sparkling above. A shimmering moonrise over sea or lake startles with its sombre beauty. Spend your time slowly and silently. You’ll return blinking in the light, feeling like new.


Joe PontinFeatures Editor

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