Whether you're popping to the local market to browse the fruit and veg stands or you have a large supermarket shop in mind, it's always wise to have a reliable bag by your side so you don't have to resort to the throwaway plastic offerings.


To help take the pressure off the planet we've put together a selection of shopping bags that you'll be able to use time and time again to minimise any plastic waste, including bags made from sustainable materials for extra eco-friendly points.

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Best reusable shopping bags to buy in 2023

Reusable Grocery Shopping Bag

This six pack of bags should be both lightweight and durable making them a convenient alternative for your regular shop. They are made from polyester – a kind of plastic – but are super-durable, so should last for years, minimising your plastic-use over time.

When folded they should also be small enough to fit in your pocket, but sturdy enough to handle a full load.

They're easy to clean, so if there are any accidents or spills from a loose lid you'll still be able to keep them fresh for your next visit.

They also come with a handy loop at the back so they can be hung up or attached to your keyring so you never forget to take it with you.

National Trust Recycled Shopper Bag

Not only will this shopping bag provide a sustainable carrier, it's also made from recycled materials so you'll really know you're doing your bit for the planet by having this to hand.

Drawing inspiration from the carved oak leaves that can be seen in the National Trust property the Alfriston Clergy House, this detailed design is made from 6.6 recycled plastic bottles, for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags.

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The Wildlife Trusts Puffin Tote Bag

Designed in the Isle of Wight and featuring the native puffin, this organic cotton tote bag from the Wildlife Trusts measures 37 x 42 cm, providing plenty of room for a small shop or fridge re-stock.

Available in both a white or natural tone, the vivid image of the familiar bird is printed onto the twill weave using low waste tech.

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Portable Reusable Grocery Bags

These reusable Bagsu shopping bags from Comfysail come in a set of six with each offering a separate standout design.

This means you can either vary which you take with you to the shops, allocate different designs for different types of shopping, or even hand them out to family members so you know which belongs to who, helping get everyone involved in an eco-friendly approach to shopping.

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Each has a large capacity, boasting a holding load of 50 pounds and once your shop is done and the bag has been emptied it can be conveniently folded back in on itself and stored away until next time.

Floral Tote Bag

This floral tote bag is planet friendly as it will allow you to carry your shopping for multiple trips without resorting to throwaway bags.

It's made from a durable and rugged cotton which means it can handle the strain of regular returns to the shop while still remaining soft to the touch.

It even comes with a smaller pocket inside that can be sealed with a zip, so you can keep items such as your phone, keys or cards extra secure.

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Organic Cotton French Market Tote

Perfect for carrying everything from packaged items from the supermarket to fresh fruit and veg from the local market, these hammock bags from the Organic Cotton Mart would make for a great replacement to plastic carriers.

Thanks to the durable but clever cotton construction they should also expand easily to fit the size and weight of your items.

There is a subtle zipped pocket on the inside for keeping especially precious belongings safe and secure.

Seasalt Cornwall Jute Shopper

Shop in style while preserving the planet with this radiant collection of printed shopper bags from Seasalt Cornwall.

Available in a wide selection of designs that include seascapes and winter owls, they are screen printed by hand and they're stain resistant which means the detailed artwork should stay intact after multiple trips to shops and supermarkets.

Reusable Cotton Bags for Fruits and Vegetables

Totally free of any plastics, these carriers are made from 100% organic cotton in a netted design. This means you can track your shopping as you make your way through the market or shop aisles.

Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, they're formed with a double seam for extra durability so you can confidently shop without concerns they'll rip open and spill your belongings.

Black and White Extra Large Everything Tote Bag

Called 'The Everything Bag' because of their versatility, these canvas carriers should help you shun plastic carrier bags altogether.

They are made from a robust organic cotton and measure 28cm x 25cm, which should be ample room for your next top up at the shops.


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